Dr. Daniel S. Alemu

Associate Professor / Dean, College of Education

Area of Research Interest

  • Educational Policy and Practice in Developing Countries
  • School Safety
  • Functional-Dysfunctional Organizations




Peer-Reviewed Journals

  1. Alemu, D.S. (2016). Dysfunctional Organization: The Leadership Factor. Open Journal of Leadership, (5), 1- 7
  2. Alemu, D. S. and Tekleselassie, A.A. (2011). What lesson can Ethiopia take from the United States in addressing issues of language of instruction? Creative Education (2) 4, 402-
  3. Alemu, D.S. (2010). Expansion vs. quality: Emerging issues of private-for-profit higher education institutions in Ethiopia. International Review of Education Journal, 56 (1)
  4. Alemu, D. S. (2010) Missing: Students’ global outlook. Kappa Delta Pi Record Journal, 46(2), 54-
  5. Alemu, D. S. & Shinault, T.C (2009). A comparative analysis of schools with and without shooting incidences (Using SSOCS data from NCES). Journal for Effective Schools 8 (2) 33-46
  6. Alemu, D.S. (2007). Do school security efforts make students feel safe? Using the 2002 Education Longitudinal Studies (ELS:2002). Journal for Effective Schools, 6 (1) 15-24
  7. Alemu, D. S. and Tekleselassie, A. A. (2006). Instructional language policy in Ethiopia: Motivated by politics or the educational needs of children? Planning and Changing Journal, 37 (3/4), 151-168.

Books/Book Chapters

  1. Alemu, D.S. (2016). Dissertation Completion Guide: A chapter-by-chapter nontechnical guide for graduate research projects. ISBN 978-0692701195

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