Office of Community Engagement

The Office of Community Engagement works to build a stepping-stone towards a changed social reality for the students of the American University in the Emirates.

The Office of Community Engagement envisions a society in which people work hand-in-hand towards its betterment by embedding in students the importance of their roles in creating an environment that realizes the involvement of all people.  It organizes events, visits and working experiences to help students acknowledge their responsibility in raising awareness and involving society in proactive social responsibility activities. Through its many resources, it plays a significant role in showing how the University aspires to give back to the community and contributes to a culture of care, social coherence and unity.

By preserving a unified university community, the office encourages potential students, the general public, companies and organizations to be part of the University in its many accessible ways. This way, an understanding is built that the University is acceptant and there for all who want to see themselves grow a part of it.

Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed
Community Engagement Officer

For further information, enquiries, comments or suggestions, please contact the Community Engagement Office staff on: Tel Nos.: +971 (0) 449-9194, Email :