Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center

As part of the UAE National Innovation Strategy, American University in the Emirates established an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, which sets to adhere to UAE’s aim of making it the most innovative nations in the world.


Equipped with the latest technology of 3D printers and design and animation courses, such as the Maxon 4D Training Course, the only one of its kind in the GCC region, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center aims to graduate leaders with high employability focusing on creativity, critical thinking and entrepreneurial skills. The Center also welcomes students from other universities and the general public to take advantage of its facilities and courses.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center Offers:

  • In-depth and high quality study, practice, research and teaching in design.
  • Greater standards in graphic, animation and visual design communication.
  • The latest technology in the arts and design industry.
  • High quality training that continues to be passed on at all levels of design education and practice.

Maxon 4D Training Course

The Maxon 4D Training Course, a 3D cinema software, offers both beginners and product switchers a comprehensive and in-depth introduction into the basics of 3D visualization and animation. With 19 sub-courses to complete the training, students will be able to come away with enough knowledge needed to bring all their audiovisual imaginations to life. The course is only available at the American University in the Emirates and nowhere else in the GCC and MENA region.