AUE faculty members are expected to be productive in all three areas of intellectual contributions: (1) basic or discovery scholarship; (2) applied or integration/application scholarship; and (3) teaching and learning scholarship. Although AUE still places strong emphasis on teaching and learning, emphases in all the three areas of intellectual contributions are critical to the success of AUE as research-led institution.

ORA provides support to faculty initiatives that:

  • Have strong impact on peers and students through publishing books, case studies, articles, as well as peer-reviewed journal publications and conference paper presentations.
  • Enhance national and regional experiential learning opportunities for our students.
  • Increase professional development opportunities for AUE faculty and allow for maintenance of their professional qualification.
  • Enhance the use of educational technologies in the classrooms, including specialized software applications and innovative teaching pedagogy.
  • Promote and enhance the quality of research and creative work that supports the college and the university’s missions.

For a list of faculty with outstanding research achievements by college,

Dr Nikolina Ljepava

Assistant Professor / MBA Program Director

Dr. Asma Salman

Associate Professor / Chair of Accounting, Finance and Economics Department

Prof. Assem Tharwat

Professor / Director of Promotion

Prof. Miroslav

Professor / Interim VP for Research & Advancement  and Dean…

Prof. Mohamed Youssef

Professor / Faculty Member

Dr. Marious Panagiotis

Assistant Professor / Director of Master in Security and Strategic…

Prof. Golam Mustafa

Professor / Director of Master in Diplomacy

Prof. Adel Khelifi

Associate Professor / Dean

Dr. Anas Aloudat

Associate Professor / Faculty Member

Dr. Razi Iqbal

Assistant Professor / Faculty Member

Dr. Arafat Naim

Associate Professor / Dean

Mrs. Hanan Ahmad

Instructor / Faculty Member

Mrs. Shlagha Agarwal

Instructor / Faculty Member

Dr. Simon Badran

Assistant Professor / Faculty Member

Dr. Mohammad alerman

Associate Professor / Faculty Member

Dr. Amer Fakhoury

Associate Professor / Faculty Member

Dr. Haytham Haramy

Assistant Professor / Faculty Member

Dr.Hatem Adileh

Assistant Professor / Faculty Member

Dr. Alexander Arguelles

Associate Professor / Member of Committee (Promotion - Planning &…

Dr. Marion Janet

Assistant Professor / Chair of Research Committee

Dr. Olga Pykhtina

Assistant Professor / Chair of Community Engagement Committee