English Placement Test (EPT)

ieltsThe English Placement Test is for students who are unable to meet the specified admissions requirements for the TOEFL ITP/ iBT, IELTS tests. It is designed to assess the level of reading and writing skills of entering students so that they can be placed in an appropriate TOEFL preparation course. The English Placement Test is not a requirement for admission to the American University in the Emirates, but it is a condition of enrollment for students who have not met the admission English test score yet. Students may take the English Placement Test only once and it must be in-campus. The total fee is AED 400.

After the English Placement Test

Based on the EPT score result, the student will be placed in the proper TOEFL level course - Intensive English Program (IEP), each level will have a reading, listening, writing, speaking and grammar section. Progressing to the next level will be based on overall performance of the final exam (Beginner Level and Intermediate Level). For Advanced and TOEFL Level, the final exam will be a TOEFL exam.

TOEFL Preparation Levels

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TOEFL Preparation will not delay students' degree progress

Students are allowed to register in the University credit courses during enrollment at the English Language Institute in the TOEFL Preparation Courses, based on the table below: [table “” not found /]
If advanced and TOEFL level students fail to achieve the required score of TOEFL, they can repeat TOEFL Preparation course, but they will be suspended from registering degree courses.

Online Oxford Placement Test for Professional Training

For the professional training students, please obtain your username and password from the English Language Institute and follow the online test link. For further information, enquiries, comments, or suggestions, please contact the English Language Institute’s Secretary Office: +971 (0)4 449 9306