Ms. Hanan Ahmed

Instructor, College of Design

Area of Research Interest

  • Sustainable Design
  • Building Efficiency
  • Indoor Air Environment


Conference Preceedings

1. Participating in the 2nd International Conference on Environmental Sustainability, Development, and Protection (ICESDP'17) in Spain, 2-4 APRIL, 2017.

2. Conference Articles (Built environment solutions inspired by Nature: A case study of human skin), WESSEX INSTITUTE in Istanbul, 20 - 22 MAY, 2015.

3. Conference Article (Review of building integrated photovoltaic: pros and cons including future challenges), ZEMCH, Malaysia -Kuala Lumper, 20-23.DEC, 2016.

Block 7 / 2nd Floor

Faculty Research

Prof. Adel Khelifi

Associate Professor / Dean

Dr. Anas Aloudat

Associate Professor / Faculty Member

Dr. Razi Iqbal

Assistant Professor / Program Coordinator (Computer Science)