Dr. Mohammed Youssef


Area of Research Interest

  • Quality Management, TQM and ISO 9000
  • Supply Chain and Operations Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Agile Manufacturing
  • Cross Culture Research
  • Time-Based Technologies
  • Research Methods
  • Structural equation Modeling
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Journal Articles

  1. A Structural Equation Model for Knowledge Sharing Behavior in an Emerging Economy (2017), Knowledge Management Journal. Volume 21, No. 4, pp. (ADBC, and Scopas List).
  2. The Synergistic Impact of ISO 9000 and TQM on Operational Performance and Competitiveness. Accepted (Jan. 17, 2017) for Publication in the International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management. (ADBC, and Scopas List).
  3. Modeling Consumer’s Intention to Use E-Banking in Saudi Arabia: An Empirical Study (2017), International Journal of Business Innovation and Research, Volume 14 No. 2, pp 239-258 (ADBC, and Scopas List).
  4. A Critical Investigation into Cross Cultural Research Methodologies: Some Insights and a Literature Review. International Journal of Business Excellence9, No.4, 2016 pp441-462. (ADBC, and Scopas List)
  5. The Synergistic Impact Time-Based Technologies on Performance, International Journal of Technology Management. Volume 67, Number 2-4, 2015, pp 245-268. (ISI and ADBC Lists)
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  8. TQM Intensity and Human Resources Management Practices, International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management; Volume 13, Number 4, 2014, pp 495-512. (ADBC List)
  9. Quality Management Practices: An International Perspective, Interactional Journal of Service and Operations Management; Volume 19, Number 1, 2014, pp 1-29. (ADBC List)


  1. Agile Manufacturing: The Main Pillar for Manufacturing Excellence (2017), Verlag Publisher, ISBN Number 978-3-330-84334-9.

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