Dr. Bassant Eyada

Associate Professor / Department Chair

Area of Research Interest

  • Advertising
  • Educational Advertising
  • Crisis management
  • Political Advertising
  • Advertising and Marketing

Journal Articles

  1. “The role of Advertising in Crisis Management in Egypt”, International Design Journal, Volume 7, Issue 2 - April 2017
  2. “An Evaluation of Commercials Concerning Early Childhood Development”, International Journal of Early Childhood Education Research (IJECER), Volume 5, Issue 9 - March 2016
  3. “Rituals of Advertisement: How Consumption Becomes a Ritual like Mystic Experience”, International Journal of Arts & Sciences’ (IJAS), Volume 9, Issue 1 - June 2016

Conference Proceedings

  1. “The Impact of Smart Technology on Advertising: A Case Study on Pepsi-Egypt”, AUE International Research Conference American University in the Emirates - November 2017.
  2. “Pavlov’s Consumers: A Behaviorist Approach to the Idea of Quality in Advertisements”, Innovation Arabia 9th Annual Conference, Dubai, UAE - March 2016.
  3. “E-Learning between Theory and Practice in Design Education: An Empirical Study on the Egyptian Art and Design Universities”, Innovation Arabia 8th Annual Conference, Dubai, UAE - February 2015.
  4. “Effectuation of Interactive Advertising, An Empirical Study on Egyptian Tourism Advertising”., XIII International Conference on Communication, Visual and Performing Art Studies, Istanbul, Turkey - February 2015.


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Faculty Research

Dr Bassant Eyada

Associate Professor / Department Chair

Dr. Konrad Gunesch

Associate Professor

Dr. William Guéraiche

Associate Professor