Dr. Anas Aloudat

Associate Professor / Faculty Member

Area of Research Interest

  • Social implications of the emerging technologies
  • Social media
  • Information systems innovation, adoption, diffusion, and management
  • Government informatics
  • National security and emergency management


  1. Michael, K., Aloudat, A., Michael, M.G. & Perakslis, C., 2017, 'You Want to Do What? Perceptions of radio frequency identification implants for employee identification in the workplace', IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine, vol. 6, no. 3, pp 111-117. (Indexed in IEEEXplore)
  2. Migdadi, M., Abu Zaid, M., Alhujran, O. & Aloudat, A., 2016, An Empirical Assessment of the Antecedents of Electronic-Business Implementation and the Resulting Organizational Performance, Internet Research, Vol. 26, No. 3, pp 661-688. (Indexed in Scopus and Thomson Reuters: Social Sciences Citation Index, Impact Factor: 2.931)
  3. Al-Debei, M.M., Al-Lozi, E.M., Al-Hujran, O. & Aloudat, A., 2016, Why “i-mode” mobile platform failed to succeed outside Japan: An analysis from a business model perspective, International Journal of Business Innovation and Research, Vol.11, No.3, pp. 397-416. (Indexed in Scopus)
  4. Aloudat, A., Michael, K. & Abbas, R., 2016, The Implications of Iris-Recognition Technologies: Will our eyes be our keys? IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine, Vol. 5, No. 3, pp 95-102. (Indexed in IEEEXplore).

Book Chapters

  1. Michael, K., Aloudat, A., Abbas, R. & Michael, M.G., Non-Medical Implants: Past, Present and Future, in A. Iliadis & I. Pedersen (eds), Embodied Technology. [Accepted].
  2. Alhujran, O., Aloudat, A. & Altarawneh, I. 2015, Factors influencing citizen adoption of e-government in developing countries: The case of Jordan, in M. Khosrow-Pour, S. Clarke, M.E. Jennex, A. Becker & A.-V. Anttiroiko (eds), Public Affairs and Administration: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications, 1st edition, vol. 3, Information Resources Management Association - IGI Global, pp. 1349-1367.

Conference article

  1. Al-Shamaileh, O., Aloudat, A., & Barikzai, 2017, User concerns about Facebook: Are they important? A paper presented to the 8th IEEE International Conference on Information Technology, Amman, Jordan, May 17 – 18.
  2. Michael, K., Aloudat, A., Michael, M.G., Perakslis, C., 2017, Perceived Reasons to Accept or Reject RFID Implants for Employee ID in the Workplace, paper presented to the 11th IEEE International Conference on RFID Applications & Software, Phoenix, Arizona, May 9 – 11.
  3. Aloudat, A., 2017, 'Serving Higher Education with Technology – Disrupting Higher Education with Technology', A paper presented to The 22nd Annual INSPIRE International conference on Quality and E-learning, Southampton, UK, April 10 – 11.
  4. Fusco, S.J., Michael, K., Abbas, R. & Aloudat, A., 2016, Location-Based Social Networking: Major Findings from Focus Groups and Observational Studies, in Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE Conference on Norbert Wiener in the 21st Century, Melbourne, Australia, July 13-16.

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Dr. Anas Aloudat

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