The Continuing Education & Training Center (CETC) is a professional training and development institution, based at the American University in the Emirates (AUE). AUE CETC supports and boosts development of UAE and GCC public and private sectors through enhancement of skills and career opportunities for leaders, managers and employees, following the most contemporary trends and industry needs.

AUE CETC training programs are created and delivered by trainers who are true leaders, proven managers and key experts in their field area. Our training programs have roots in the industry needs; following the latest technologies, modern approaches and practice-oriented techniques. AUE CETC training assures that trainees will acquire skills and knowledge necessary for their successful leadership or performance in the concerned fields.

Professional training programs objectives

The CETC prepares prospective trainees in numerous settings and various educational fields including governmental organizations, not-for-profit organizations, private sector, international companies, including schools, colleges, universities, hotels, financial companies and institutions, hospitals and banks.


Our mission is to prepare leaders and perform vital roles in their fields of expertise. The Professional programs are designed to provide all Trainees with the essential knowledge, experiences, and skills necessary for professional practice.

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Executive Education for Leaders and Top Managers: We offer solutions.

Skills Development for Middle Management: We offer advancement.

Training Programs for the Employees: We offer enhancement.

Specialized Training for Different Business Functions: We offer top specialization.

AUE CETC training programs cover numerous areas, including Happiness, Leadership, Innovations, Business Development, Business Administration, Organizational Development, Management, Finance & Accounting, Information Technology, Education, English, Human Resources, Diplomacy and International Relations, Security and Strategic Studies, Disaster and Emergency and Management, Communications, Marketing, Media etc.

Managed by top-level professionals with international experience and a strong background in professional education & training, AUE CETC has capacities to address and match your specific training needs through setting tailor-made training programs for your organization.

Upon successful completion of a program, the official Certificate from the American University in the Emirates will be delivered to the trainees.

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