ABOUT Competition

AUEiLab design competition 2018 encourages AUE students to engage with initiatives and to practice their knowledge. The participants are required to understand and analyze the various scenarios and functions to design the lab that will be indispensable for these needs.


Submission: 27 March - 18 April 2018

Winner announcement: 22 April 2018

Competition Eligibility

AUEiLab Design Competition 2018 is open for all. All AUE students and thinkers are invited to submit their innovative interior design and facilities.

are judged


1. The prize will be 5% discount on the tuition fees for one semester only, regular semester (Terms and conditions apply).

2. He/ She will join the design team during construction time.

3. Winning names will be published under the AUEiLab history.

Submission Summary

There should be clear consistency between all the components that make up part of the proposal: side views; top views; sectional views, diagrams, text and images. Rigorous attention must be paid to the requirements and steps of the presentation as set forth in the Submission Requirements.

Overall, these five broad aspects will consider the following:

  1. Capacity to inspire, engage and delight its occupants, visitors and passers-by Design vision – is this reflected in all aspects of the design.
  2. Extent of innovation, invention and originality.
  3. Does the design fit its purpose, especially in response to the competition brief?
  4. Response to the issues of accessibility and other social factors; does the design allow for easy human traffic flow and access to amenities and other parts of the building.
  5. Selection of materials and the way in which they are detailed.
  6. Suitability of its structural and servicing systems.

An award-winning project should be capable of enduring as a fine work of architecture and design throughout its working life.

Submissions should include:

  • Design material
  1. Describe clearly the idea in 150-250 words.
  2. Provide the working timeline to do the design.
  3. Three-dimensional integration.
  4. Soft-copy and original design raw files.
  • Team Work
    Provide details of the team leader and team members if any (Max two members).

  • Original ideas
    Drawing and sketches should be original and not published.

  • Reality
    Determine physical and social parameters affecting the building and how the design has responded to these, i.e., the technical and economic feasibility of realization.

Space Requirements

The required spacing is divided into,

AUE Technology Studio

AUE Technology Studio consists of, three students work stations, one supervisor work station, Meeting table, Projector, Storages integrated in the design, whiteboard, and Shelves.

Gathering area

Gathering area consists of, Gathering area facilities (free design), setting area, discussion tables, screen for posting events, sound system, and show finished projects area.

Location & Contact

Participants can request to visit the AUEiLab space at any time before 15 April 2018 during university contact hours.

For further information please contact:
Dr. Ahmed AL-Masri

+971 528724542