March 7th, 2017, Dubai. The American University in the emirates, has organized numerous challenging sport activities, as part of the UAE’s National Sports Day, which came in conjunction with the events introduced by the UAE National Olympic Committee.

The event which is held annually at AUE, aimed to encourage the faculty, students and, staff follow the UAE’s vision of sports spirit that aspire a happy and healthy nation. According to Pro. Muthanna Abdulrazzaq, President and CEO of the University, the meaning of exercising and participating in sports activities is evolving in the country. “In AUE we believe that sports should be a crucial part of everyone’s live, it keeps the body and mind healthy for achieving much more than the impossible” Prof Muthanna stated. In this spirit, the American University in the Emirates, is constantly contributing in the sports Contributing to the development of various sports fields in the country via its programs that it offers in this field, including Masters of Sports Law and Masters of Sports Management.

With the guidance of Fitness First experts, Students, staff, and, faculty got the chance to participate in basketball, football, and volleyball matches where they engaged in a full day of activities revolving around different sports.

The initiative was set to make everyone- regardless of their age, gender, or fitness level- gather in one place and get involved in the matches, which doubtlessly can lead to a healthier, energic lifestyle. At the end of the competition, medals were given as souvenirs to all the participants who have marked this day.