On February 27th, the American University in the Emirates marked Cancer Awareness Day with the participation of GCC field experts including Dr. Saleh Alothman, Deputy Executive Director at Gulf Centre for Cancer Control and Prevention.

The event brought together students, faculty members, middle and high school students as well as cancer survivors with the aim to spread awareness regarding this important cause that affects millions of people worldwide.

The event was inaugurated with the presence of the Dubai Police who brought their cars and horses with them to take part in the opening ceremony for the walkathon that was organized by the University, to support the cause of cancer awareness.

Professor Muthanna Abdulrazzaq, the President of the American University in the Emirates, who initiated this campaign, addressed the public stating:

“The University is always organizing such initiatives to contribute in spreading awareness about cancer and honoring the people who have fought and survived… we are here today telling everyone who is suffering from cancer that they are not alone, we are here for them, and their fight is our fight as well”.

The attendees enjoyed a number of performances organized by young middle school children that demonstrated the true meaning of empathy and love for the community. Governmental personnel from the Dubai Police were present to educate the audience about the nature of their jobs and offered shows highlighting their K9s impressive abilities.

The forum that was organized by the University for the awareness campaign has welcomed doctors from the industry along with cancer survivors who shared their powerful stories in battling cancer and achieving what they thought was impossible.